Sarmila Govindan, M.D.

Image of Sarmila Govindan

Internal Medicine

Chicago Health Medical Group
4700 North Marine Drive, Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 564-5355

Office Hours:
Monday- Friday 9AM- 5PM



Dr. Govindan is a dedicated and hardworking physician, Board Certified in Internal Medicine. With each of her patients, she builds a strong relationship that involves timely communication and an emphasis on preventive care. Dr. Govindan goes the extra mile to ensure that her patients have the knowledge that they need to be an active participant in their care plans.


Dr. Govindan earned her medical degree from Madras Medical College in India and then went on to complete her internal medicine residency at Wayne State University, Detroit Medical Center. She specializes in ongoing medical management for patients with hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses. Most recently, Dr. Govindan practiced in the North Shore area and, in addition to seeing patients in her office, provided care for residents in long-term care facilities. She enjoys reading, cooking and travel during her spare time.